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Priory Fundraising

Priory Fundraising


In celebration of our 20th anniversary in 2016, the Priory Partnership and Priory Financial Management stepped up their ongoing campaign to raise funds to support Claire House Children’s Hospice.

We raised over £3000 and would like to thank everyone who supported our fundraising.

Claire House provide 24 hour respite and terminal care for children with a life threatening or life limiting illness.

We organised number of activities throughout the year to raise cash such as:

Fundraising activities 2016


Claire House Splash Dash Event

The Claire House Splash Dash Event took place in Birkenhead Park on Saturday 9th July, the red paint station was sponsored by the Priory Partnership.

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Prize draw for our virtual raffle

The prize draw for our virtual raffle took place on Thursday 30th June, the tickets were drawn by Jess Campbell of Claire House Children’s Hospice and our prize winners were notified by email.

Because of your generosity and support our fundraising raffle was a huge success!

Thank you so much for your donations, Claire House is a fantastic charity and a very worthy cause and all donations help the hospice carry on their amazing work, making a difference to the lives of terminally ill children and their families.

Our raffle, a variety of internal fundraising activities (mainly eating!) the Claire House Coastal/Snowdon at Night Walks and sponsorship of the Splash Dash Event on July 9th has raised over £3,500.

We would also like to thank all those who have supported our fundraising raffle by generously donating prizes.

Priory Virtual Raffle - Prizes kindly donated by friends of the priory


Well done to Dawn Phillips

Well done to Dawn Phillips, of Priory Financial Management and her daughter Emma, for completing the Snowdon at Night Walk to support our fundraising.

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Well done to Dawn Phillips

Well done to Dawn Phillips, of Priory Financial Management with Granddaughter Kyla and Stuart Penny, Director at The Priory Partnership, with son Joe, for completing the full 15 miles of the Claire House Wirral Coastal Walk.




Priory donating

Priory, donating to the Claire House shops.




Congratulations to Keri Owen, Senior Accounts Manager, for winning the staff raffle for a day off work!!


Eating again!

Elle's chocolate brownies raised £4.50

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Getting fat for Claire House

Priory staff enjoyed scouse and pavlova for lunch today and raised £69.46 for Claire House!


Cake sale

Well done Jen (Tax Manager), your cake sale raised £12.47 this week.



Quay Business Forum

Thanks to all the Quay Business Forum attendees in January, we raised £17.15.